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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Randolf Macon Going Coed?

WSET is reporting:

"After 112 years as a single sex school, Randolph-Macon Woman's College will do a study on whether going co-ed is the key to the future. "

They also report that Sweet Briar had previous did a study about possible male admissions, but today on Sweet Briar's website you find this statement about their college: "We're only for women."

The study by Randolf Macon Woman College was prompted by economics, but there may be an underlying political motive. Or even perhaps a political defence. I have reported previously, on Southern Illinois University receiving a letter from the Justice Department stating:

"The University has engaged in a pattern or practice of intentional discrimination against whites, non-preferred minorities and males.''

This type of action from the Justice Department is certain to catch the eye of of college administrations nationwide. What has been accepted before, may fall under the guns of the Justice Department enforcing the idea and opinion, that males are also subject to discrimination under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act.

Could the Justice Department become active in demanding that both colleges accept males. We could look in the past, when VMI was forced to accept female applicants by the Justice Department.

The Roanoke Times reported that in 1997:

A hundred and fifty eight year tradition was broken when:

"U.S. Justice Department filed suit arguing that the state-supported school's all-male admission policy was unconstitutional."

Perhaps both Sweet Briar and Randolf Macon are safe if they do not receive federal or state funds. But if they wanted to accept government grants they would need to consider becoming coed. Regardless, we should never underestimate the direction the Justice Department may take.


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