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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Dude's Fish Store: Playing with Subliminal Intent

When Yahoo first came out with their beta maps. They played a prank on Google, if you looked up the Google campus you would find The Dude's Fish Store, complete with a fake website. Yahoo has been pranking on Google for awhile, perhaps in good spirits. I have also read how Google provides free meals, showers and a ton of other amenities to its employees. You can even get a massage there.

There have been reports that yahoo employees have snuck into the Google complex for free meals, along with other locals.

One of our favorite conservative local bloggers ran a post that if you type failure in the Google search engine and hit the I'm feeling lucky button you will be immediately taken to the White site on the page that features President Bush. Yes it does work. We rely on Google to be a credible search engine and don't doubt the search didn't have some human input in determining this search result.

Now the Drudge report is showing even something more sinister happened during a live speech by Vice President Cheney, a large X was appearing and flashing quickly over his face, during CNN's broadcast. There are laws about subliminal advertising.

We are wondering if these antics, if intentional performed, by news services should also be outlawed? It is possible that CNN had some technical errors when this occurred. And it is not outside the realm of possibilities that Drudge failed to report the truth about the flashing X.

The point is you the consumer, have to be constantly aware that things are not always what they seem.

Now CNN, is reporting that this was a technical glitch, the X was a computer bug. And they regret that it happened if front of millions of people.

This is what CNN is officially reporting:

"Upon seeing this unfortunate but very brief graphic, CNN senior management immediately investigated. We concluded this was a technological malfunction not an issue of operator error. A portion of the switcher experienced a momentary glitch. We obviously regret that it happened and are working on the equipment to ensure it is not repeated."


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