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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lynchburg Virginia Area Blog: Supporting The Disabled

Lynchburg Area Blog has been noted for it support of the Rights of the Disabled in Lynchburg. They are using pictures to illustrate their points made about barriers in the city for access to the disabled.

Ironically, the City Planning Commission has invited the representatives of the disabled to attend a meeting at Lynchburg Town Hall. Interestingly, Lynchburg Area Blog has pointed out that City Hall in many ways is inaccessible to the disabled. Oddly, this is like the city inviting you over, and keeping the gate locked. To read more look at the links below.

On Lynchburg Area Blog there are a couple of stories that will perk your interest. We encourage you to look at the following:

Lynchburg Area Blog Story 1.

Lynchburg Area Blog Story 2.

Lynchburg Area Blog Story 3.


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