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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There is Something Spooky in Lynchburg

Don't be scared, be real scared. At least that is what one website is saying. Apparently, there are reports of ghosts in Lynchburg. A look at the census bureau did not bear this out, perhaps we should inform them of these shadowy inhabitants. I was never one to believe in things that go creak in the night. Well maybe Halloween, I might make an exception. It seems like some ghosts have come to my door asking for candy.

Juciee News Daily is reporting:

"Lynchburg - Randolph - Macon Woman's College- A girl was murdered on campus 25 years ago and it is said that some nights you can hear her running and screaming.

Also, is said that the Smith Banquet Hall is haunted by the headless ghost of a Washington and Lee U. student who was on his way here for a dance and got decapitated in a wreck.

Lynchburg - William Bass Elementary School - voices and doors opening and closing are some of the events here."

And in Bedford where MOM previously placed a post on the Avenel House:

"Bedford - Avenel House - Reports of seeing ? The White Lady walking around the property, sometimes accompanied with a gentleman (also in white). An apparition of a black man has been reported to be looking out an upstairs window. "

These ghost stories are news to me, but I doubt any of us will be seeing any ghosts until Halloween.


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