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Saturday, August 20, 2005

On the Blueridge Parkway:"Thar's bears in them their woods."

Being quite thirsty today, I sent BillyBob on a mission. "Ok, BillyBob would you mind running to Walmart to get a case of cheap drinks?" BillyBob hemmed and hawed grasped his suspenders looked me dead in the eyes. And with a look that would put a begging dog to shame said, "Can I take the camera one more time?"

So here I sat just waiting for BillyBob, and I mean waiting. Hours passed, soon I was wondering if BillyBob would ever come back. Then after losing hope, I heard my car approaching. BillyBob stumbled as fast as he could to get inside.

"Thar's bears in them their woods." I looked at BillyBob, and said "What the heck are you talking about?" "Well," he said, "I kinda took the long way to Walmart up the Blueridge Parkway and down to Bedford, then made my way back to Lynchburg."

"Did you get a picture?"
Well, yup get it on the puter." He had a grin that grew from ear to ear.

I kept looking for the bear. "It twas a black one, sashayed right in front of me."
"Where is the bear, BillyBob?"
"I chased it through the woods, never did git a picture, but there was this turtle on the road when I hankered back."
"Ok BillyBob, what are these pictures of trees?
"That's the Avenel House."
"I can barely see it."
"Just peek round those trees."

I added the picture of the Avenel House to MOM's post. BillyBob went on tell me how he got the chainsaw so he could get a better picture, but the Bedford Sheriff had his eye on him.

"BillyBob, where are the drinks?"
"Whoops," he said, "I knew I was a forgetting something, got a Halifax cantaloupe though."
He handed me a bag of rinds.


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