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Saturday, August 20, 2005

What is on the Agenda of the Lynchburg Circuit Court Monday?

update: A jury trial for Linda Bailey Buffaloe is set for September 12th. Now, WSET is reporting on its morning Aug 23 tv report that she has pleaded guilty, without explaination. According to WSET, she received a 10 year sentence for voluntary manslaughter.

As the Lynchburg Circuit Court convenes on Monday, at 9:30 am, Linda Bailey Buffaloe will be facing a bench trial, that will determine her fate in a First Degree Murder Charge. On State's side will be Commonwealth Attorney Jeffrey Bennett. Advocating for her defense will be attorney Sharon Eimer, public defender.

There will be one other bench trial for a person accused of possession of cocaine. And two bond hearings. Theodore Tyrone Turpin, whose bond status is being determined faces the following charges:

Firearm - Possession by Convicted Non-violent Felon Firearm - Possession of while Possessing Schd. I/II Drugs Possession with Intent/Cocaine Possession with Intent/Other Schedule I or II Drug Possess Marijuana Trespass


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