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Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Mother’s Vigil, A Child’s Peril: About Her Son From Lynchburg

The story was told so smoothly, that melted butter would be envious. Its about a Lynchburg native Charles Brandon Inge, who now plays for the Detriot Tigers. A story of Charles, his mother and the team's managers. A story that will draw you in, absorb you, and make you feel. Feel so much that you will understand a complex relationship filled with emotional rifts that are felt by all involved. And a story, telling of a mother's painful vigil for her son.

From Yardwork's story the begining:

"Outside the Fox Theatre on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, a mother forlornly sits in a lawn chair, her face drawn and tired, her hair unkempt. Her name is Sharon Inge, and she has been sitting here for nine days straight without respite. All to save her son.
“I will sit here until they agree to see me,” she says.

“They,” in this case, are Detroit Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowski and Manager Alan Trammell, the men who, in Inge’s eyes, are destroying her child."

To read more go to the story by Yardwork, it will be an experience you will not soon forget.


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Sometimes you just have to do something about a comment. While this comment started as "I like your blog," it then offered a link to a site that had malicious software. Rarely do we delete comments, we did this for your protection.


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