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Friday, July 08, 2005

Lynchburg Gas Prices Rising

All through the Lynchburg area, gas prices are on the rise. An early morning check shows Sheetz regular gas is now 2.19. And a drive around Lynchburg you could see stations changing their signs.

There have been several things that has rattled the fuel market. The terrorists attacks in London and the prospect of shipping interruptions due to hurricanes in the gulf. A couple a days ago the barrel price on oil was 62 dollars.

Will this trend continue, that is up to question? In the short run most likely, in the longer run their maybe a decrease due to the fact the airlines may be needing less fuel if travel is affected by concerns over terrorist attacks in Europe. What to expect though, is really a crap shoot.

With this added to the proposed increase of APCO of 9.2 percent, we can be certain of one thing Lynchburg will be tightening its belt. Our local economy has not been doing too badly lately, but with new strains you should expect a breaking point, affecting all areas of our local economy.

(Local news)


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