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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

James Ware: Stages a One Man protest: Click picture to enlarge

James Ware lauches single man protest. Mr. Ware alleges the Lynchburg Police broke his wrist while he was being arrested. Not satisfied by the results of filing two police complaints, and a visit to the Mayor's office, he decided to picket the Lynchburg Police Department. He claims he is a handicapped man who was beat by the police for no good reason. Further, he states that he shouldn't have been arrested at all. Noticeably, the police were ignoring his protests. Yet it was also apparent, that walkers by, were interested in what he had to say He has said he has been contacted by the local NAACP, and one of his signs is asking for help from the "Black Leaders". He also stated he has contacted lawyers to file a suit against the police. We have decided to withold the name of the policeman he stated did this.

If anyone is taking him seriously is up to question as is, if this is a valid complaint. I asked him what he was arrested for, he stated driving without an license and he made a vague reference to drugs. Looking into the Judicial website for Lynchburg there were several offences listed for a James Elmwood Ware and a James E. Ware, however without absolute certainty I will not post any previous arrests or convictions.

Now, is this a valid complaint, I have my doubts. In any contact I have had with the Lynchburg Police, they have shown a consistent effort to be professional, helpful and kind. Maybe there are exceptions but I have not seen that.
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