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Monday, June 20, 2005

I have a Secret to Ask You to Keep: On the 29 Bypass

You're my friend right. I can tell you things that you just won't repeat. We will keep this just between us. You are my good friend, and I know you will keep your mouth shut.

Now listen carefully, I can't say this too loud. The 29 bypass is open. You can drive on it. All the way to Rt. 130, but this is a secret whatever you don't tell a soul. While all those other people are fighting the traffic in Mad Heights, we can make good time. Don't let anyone know,they will crowd the road.

There is one person whispering about this, but I know his devious plan. He just wants to see how many people heard him. The Highway Dept. doesn't want you to know. They are being tight lipped. On their website, six months to completion, is what they are saying. Well they just don't want you to know about this, according to the whisperer. In fact he confides the whole affair is being cloaked in so much mystery that you won't find any entrance signs.

Now, just don't tell a soul.

(City Council and local issues)


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