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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Survival of the Fittest: Women Living Longer

I ran across this interesting article that discusses some reasons why women outlive men. It is a phenomenon found across species, not just among humans. Now I know most men would say it is because we nag them to death! I have also heard that women live longer because they tend to let their emotions show and don't try to bottle things up inside. Maybe it is God's way of making up for the pain of childbirth and with the pains of raising children and husband;)

At any rate, this article feels that males engage in riskier behavior mostly to attract females or to maintain their role as top And even though our life expectancies are longer now, and they don't have to do the same daring things they used to do to grab a gal's attention, their immunity system is genetically not as good as ours, because over the years, they haven't lived as long as us.

Interesting to think about.


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