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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Three Sources for Trial Coverage of the Mayor Hutcherson's Trial

If you are interested in following the Mayor Hutcherson's trial, both WSET and the News and Advance are covering it in detail. Another source for information on the the trial is the Daily Press. Between the three sources, you may find information that fills in the blanks that one source may leave out.

You may also find differences in the factual accounts of what is occurring in court.

Here is an example:

The News and Advance reports:
Bondurant said the mayor bounced $22,000 in checks and spent money on a mistress he kept secret for decades.

The Daily Press reports:
Fishwick admitted that Hutcherson, who also runs a funeral home, is not a good
businessman. According to Bondurant, Hutcherson accumulated $22,000 in bank
overdraft fees.

So is it 22,000 in overdraft fees or 22,000 in bounced checks, there is a big difference. But really in either case the figure is staggering. And it is worth noting that nearly everyday in the Lynchburg courts people go to jail for writing bad checks.


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