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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Lynchburg City News

The expense disclosures of the City Council candidates are out. The News and Advance is reporting:

Candidate Rob Jarvis has the lowest amount of contributions, with $125. He
has spent no money and had no loans.
Dodson has spent more than $7,000 on campaign advertising, not including
$5,000 he has spent on an advertising consultant.
He has also spent more
than $8,000 for a campaign coordinator and political consultant.

Rob Jarvis has promised a lean campaign and is following through with his promise. And many that will go to the polls will know his stands on issues without excessive spending. (Note: Also see Lynchburg Area blog about an article concerning this.)

Bert Dotson who could not be reached for comment on the News and Advance question on hiring consultants for the mid town plan, sees the need for use of consultants for his own reelection bid.

To read more on how the candidates spent their money go to the News and Advance.

In other news Lynchburg Mayor Carl Hutcherson trial is scheduled to begin today. The motion that delayed the trial can be found here via the the News and Advance.


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