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Monday, April 17, 2006

Selling on Ebay

I have been selling books and other collectibles on Ebay off and on for two years. It is fun, exciting and maddening all at the same time! I love going to yard sales and library book sales and finding interesting items. I love it even more when I choose something and it ends up being something that people want

The fact that I love books helps too! I really enjoy researching old books and holding them in my hands. The only one I really didn't want to let go of was a book written by and signed by Charlton Heston. Would have liked to keep that one for my collection, but made a pact with myself long ago, that things I bought for sale were for sale first and foremost. And while I enjoy selling books, there are many other options. My advice would be to pick something you love, your enthusiasm will show through!

A good homeschooling friend of mine, Carole, runs an Ebay store called Chewyboo. She has been doing this a long time and even has an Ebook you can buy that will start you well on your way. If you are interested in the book, go to Ebay, type in a search for "Selling on Ebay the Chewy Way" and that should take you to one of her auctions fo rthe book. I recommend the book, since you all can't be lucky enough to get together with her for training and as a homeschooler, you know she would appreciate the income (btw, she doesn't blog and has no idea I am plugging her store, but she has done so much for me over the years, I am glad to return the favor).

At any rate, she is my mentor and has been an invaluable resource and wonderful friend (sharing information about where the good sales are and even giving me books). And she has caused me to be bitten with the book selling bug. I don't make tons of money at it, but make a few hundred a month and that is nice. My store name is Yesterdays Hopes and you are more than welcome to stop by and peruse my shelves! You just might find something there you can't live without!

Also, as to providing help, I am more than happy to give some basic advice. I can tell you that I use to write up and store my auctions (they have recently been bought out by inkfrog and changes are coming, but we are assured we will be pleased.

Carole uses for shipping her packages. I prefer to use my Paypal account of this. And I highly recommend opening up a paypal account. Go to and set up an account. Go ahead and get a debit card too. That way, when you get paid, you can use that card like a debit card to pay for groceries, get money at the ATM, whatever. It is very handy! And Paypal and Ebay can be used together to print your shipping labels at home.

I love not going to the post office and standing in line. I wrap my packages at home, print out the labels (you do need to have a good scale), then put them in the mailbox. If the package is too big for the mailbox, I can request pickup from the postal carrier or I can just drop it off at the USPS counter (without waiting in line). This is an awesome feature! I hated waiting in line at the post office!

If there are any questions you have, let me know, I'll answer them as best as I can.


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