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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Otzi: The Iceman's Story in Pictures?

Otzi, the Iceman of the Alps, was an amazing discovery in 1991. At first it was thought he was an unfortunate mountain climber, but when they freed his mummified body from the ice, they realized this was quite a find! His remains are approximately 5000 years old! And so much was able to be discovered by studying his remains. The scientists were able to determine how he was murdered, what his last meal was, even pieces of his clothing and shoes remained and a medicine bag that was a real treasure! Here is another interesting site.

Now an ancient stone has been found in Laces, a town near the glacier where Otzi was found. On this tablet is a drawing that appears to show a murder the same as Otzi's. This has amazing ramifications...was Otzi's murder something along the lines of Julius Caesar? Or was he a man of means? A criminal? A Horse thief? Whatever the reason for his murder, it appears to have been important enough to have recorded. I find this sort of thing fascinating!


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