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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lynchburg Music Talent: The McKenzies

I had recently gone to Givens Books on a Friday night: And to my surprise, I had the pleasure of listening to The McKenzies. Perhaps it is the hillbilly in me, but this is my kind of music.

Their style:

"We enjoy playing and sharing the music from, and some of the history behind, a number of different traditions, including: Celtic/British Isles, Cape Breton/French Canadian, Southern Appalachian, colonial era (18th century and earlier), American minstrel era (mid 19th century), early American country (1920's to 1940's), lesser-known contemporary folk, originals, children's."

A song I think you all will enjoy is "Lets Get Non-Virtual." Its a whimsical and hilarious song reminding us of the days gone by, and before computers changed the meaning of words we use. You can listen to "Lets Get Non-Virtual" here. And be sure to visit Woody and Marcia's website: The McKenzies


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