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Monday, March 20, 2006

Cowboy Church: Gallops into Virginia

Stand back Rev Falwell, there is a new Christian Church in Virginia. But these cowboys are not telling you to get out of town, but they are coaxing you to come to the barn.

Spreading from the West to East like a chuck wagon on fire, the cowboy Christians have laid their saddle in Wytheville and are soon to be arriving in Bedford. Look for their Bedford Church opening March 30th.

This from their website:

"Cowboy Church came to Virginia in September of 2005. The first church was placed at the Wythe County Livestock Exchange in Wytheville, Va. Before we even had the first service we had been asked to place churches in five other communities. We welcome you to come and worship "where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord."'

Here are some other locations if not here already will be here soon:

Thaxton opening in April - we will meet in the Community Center
Moneta opening on March 30th

They shy away from formal attire, bib overalls, and cowboy hats is what they recommend. They meet on Tuesday nights and prefer hay to a pew.

If you have a hankering to learn more:

WSLS has reported on them.

The Cowboy Church of Virginia Website


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