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Friday, March 24, 2006

Area Police Blotter: Dumb Crooks

Our dumb crook award goes to Lionell Irby. He tried to rob a convenience store in Danville. The alert clerks, who were assaulted, managed to lock him in the store until police arrived. Kudos to the clerks whose quick action led to another robber being taken off the street. To read more go to WSET.

Honorable mention goes to Alexander Kolitwenzew, who decided to use the credit cards of others and spent money throughout out Lynchburg. He is a student of Liberty University and now his picture is everywhere. Hey Al, give yourself up. Picture can be found on WSET.

Now how common can common theives go? Our next award goes to Jonathan Craft. Thinking he could hide from the police in the woods behind Bikes Unlimited, he was sniffed out by our local police K-9. We wonder if the dog took a bite out of his crime. Now, he has been charged with break in, and other crimes may be soon solved. Picture and story can be found on WSET.

A special Barney Fife award goes to the Deputy who accidentally shot a computer at the court house in Henry County. He was teaching others how to unload a glock, which he unfortuantely did into a computer. At least no one was hurt.

According to WSET: "But they (The Henry County Sheriff's Department) want to assure the public that there will be additional training on how to operate the weapon."

I have accidentally discharged a gun when I was a kid, so I am not going to be critical. Barney Fife, played by Don Knotts will be missed. We do wonder if this Deputy will be allowed only one bullet after this accidental discharge.

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