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Monday, February 20, 2006

Mapping the Cartoon Violence

Who would ever imagine that a little cartoon, could have so much impact? On the map, if you click it will show how this tragic effect was caused by what is really a very innocuous cartoon.

In comparison the cartoon is drab compared to some of the antisemitic cartoons that have been published for years in the Islamic press. (see the comparison here)

But if you are a Dane and subscribe to the notion that turn about is fair play, expect an 11.5 million dollar reward placed on your head. Preferably your beheaded head, which is now offered by a
Indian Minister.

Million dollar bounties have also come from Islam clerics for the death of Dane cartoonists. Is that any way to promote your religion as a religion of peace?

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the map and the other sources that she had found it from.


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