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Friday, February 24, 2006

CATS: A Night to Remember...Thanks to E. C. Glass Theater!

For Valentine's Day this year, my mom offered to get tickets for my children (and my husband and I) to go see Cats at E. C. Glass Highschool. I saw Cats once at the National Theater in D.C., but confess I was in the 'nosebleed' section. And we own the video which my children, especially my daughter, love! I was thrilled with the opportunity to go see it and to be included in the Valentine Gift for the children. Much better than chocolate, by the way:)

Glass Theater students teamed up with Virginia School of the Arts Students to put on the FIRST ever amateur production of Cats! What a neat way for us to be part of history!

The students did a really good job. Don't get me wrong, there were some gliches, the sound wasn't always on target was probably the biggest problem they had, but I felt the production was incredible and I was awed by the performers and how talented they were. Cats doesn't just require singing, it requires gymnastics, ballet, choreography...and all while you are dressed like a cat!

We all enjoyed the show (it was my husband's first time seeing Cats), but watching the delight and absorption on my children's faces was priceless! I love live theater and really believe nothing else compares. Here in Lynchburg, we are blessed to have such treasures as the Glass Theater and Virginia School of the Arts.

There are still three more shows, so if you haven't been yet, include it in your weekend plans! Tickets are 10.00 for adults and 8.00 for students. I would advise getting there an hour early. It means standing outside the theater for 30 minutes, but it also means you get good seats! We were in the fourth row and had a terrific view (could have been in the second row, but were concerned that it would be too close to the orchestra.)

Speaking of the orchestra, they also did a terrific job with the very technical pieces.

All in all an outstanding evening and they deserved the standing ovation they received!


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