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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ben Fawley: Defence Asks For Help

Ben Fawley who has been charged with the murder of Behl Taylor will be getting some help in his defence. He has confessed that Behl Taylor died at his hands, but claims this was an accident. His confession came only after the evidence pointed to him. Previous stories from Ben Fawley showed a woven web of untruths.

WSET is reporting:

"Attorneys for an amateur photographer charged with killing a Virginia Commonwealth University student were given permission Wednesday to hire a computer expert and private investigator."

Interestingly, the defence already has a computer expert, Mr. Ben Fawley himself. He designed web pages, message boards et. al. He also knows all of what the state has from his computer as evidence, except what he intentionally removed.

This is how I suspect his attorney will offer for a defence:

Behl Taylor died because of experimental rough sex, a complete accident.
Behl Taylor agreed to the rough sex.
Behl Taylor had a reputation and an inclination to participate in such acts.
We are sorry but this was nothing but an accident.

This is what the prosecution will most likely present.

Ben Fawley should have known that when Behl Tayor went unconscious he should have stopped strangling then.
The idea that the rough sex was not consensual.
Behl Taylor was an underage person and she died at Fawley's hands who was twice her age.
Ben Fawley by his actions shows no real remorse.
New and unknown evidence that points to Behl Taylor's death.

How this will pan out to a jury will be anyone's guess. One thing that we are sure of Behl Taylor died a death that no one should have to experience. In our previous posts you will find information from Fawley's websites. Ben Fawley should be considered innocent until proved guilty. It is a shame that Behl Taylor is the innocent victim, and we hope our justice system will prevail.

Photo is a picture of Taylor Behl suspected to be taken by Ben Fawley.

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