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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger: Super Major Apologies

If you have been trying to find us, we are sorry also. Blogger in the last couple of days had some serious malfunctions. Technically this is what happened. The gerbil in the cage fell off its wheel. And things are not over yet. The wheel is going to go under some serious redesigning and fitting Monday.

Well, Blogger what a fine mess you got us in. We were left scratching our heads, but we appreciate that you got us and the rest of the blogger world back on line. While we saw many bloggers getting irate, we want to thank Blogger for the service. Constantly we are posting gigs of material and they have always adjusted their belt to let us post. Other sites would whine at the amount of pictures we post. Blogger on the other hand, just grins and bears it, and lets us ride the envelope to the edge.

They have offered "Super Major Apologies " And we offer them a Super Major Thank you.

To see their account of what happened go here.


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