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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another Lynchburg Convenience Store Robbery: Answered by Bullets

WSET News is reporting: There was another robbery of a convenience store. This time it was Miles Market. And the saga of an almost weekly robbery continues in Lynchburg.

Garland Miles the 72 year old owner of the store was attacked after leaving the store with the daily deposit. He was pushed against an ice machine by the thief. Mr. Miles had been robbed 4 previous times, but this time he had a surprise for the robber. He shot two times at the robber. Later. the robber was apprehended, James Glen Hall, has been charged with strong armed robbery. He could face five years to life.

According to WSET Mr. Garland Miles said:

"Every time we walk behind this counter our life is put on the line because you never know who will walk through the door."

"When you're being robbed you don't have time to ask the guy whether he's got a knife or gun."

"I am going to protect my business, myself and most of all I'm going to protect my employees."

While the police do not officially condone people who work in convenience stores to carry guns, some will tell you privately, they understand completely why a clerk would have a gun.

This worked well for Mr. Miles, and perhaps will serve as a message to any would be crooks. The next time you rob a convenience store you may be pushing up daisies, which may be more of a deterrent than a long jail sentence.


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