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Friday, January 27, 2006

Radar Detector Bill Killed

WSET13 is reporting that radar detectors will remain illegal in Virginia. A move to change that, and bring the Commonwealth in line with the rest of the country, is dead. As we've reported this week, supporters of the bill say the state's ban on detectors is inhospitable to drivers from other states, just passing through.

They also say there's no evidence that banning detectors improves highway safety. Still, the transportation committee voted to keep them illegal here. The Virginia Sheriff's Association argued the only purpose of a detector is to break the law.

Jeff's Statement from the Soapbox:

I tend to agree with the Sheriff's Assoc. There is NO legitimate reason for possessing a RADAR detector. It is solely for the evasion of speed control laws. And since the leading cause of highway fatalities is directly related to speed, I think it is GREAT that they are still unlawful. As for the idea that we are somehow being inhospitable? Come on, give me a break. At all the entry points into our Glorious Commonwealth, there are 6 foot by 8 foot black and white signs with 10 inch Scotchlite glow letters that say "RADAR DETECTORS ILLEGAL" , if visitors to the Commonwealth of Virginia are unable comprehend that or unwilling to comply, they should stay home. Thus sayeth Jeff


At 5:11 AM, Blogger Jez said...

Another state that will be targeted by Beltronics. These guys are the only company to produce a radar detector that is invisible to the radar detector detectors (RDD's) used by the police. I don't think getting a ticket for a few mph over the limit is reducing the road toll.



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