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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Resolutions for 2006

Soon 2006 is going to roll around. It is my resolution to never write 2005 as a date in the new year. This is going to be difficult because at sometime or another I have always written the previous year's date. I have decided to make ten resolutions for the new year. And I am going to post them here for all to check on me.

1. I resolve to be kind to others. To treat people with respect to call them Sir and Miss even if they are younger than me. (not hard I do that already)

2. I resolve to help anyone I see in distress even if it is an inconvenience to me. And if I can assist someone who needs help, I will. (this is really easy to do, and the reward is self serving, more pleasurable than ice cream)

3. I resolve to always tell the truth as I see it. (Again this is easier than it seems. The only times I am tempted to lie is not to hurt someone elses feelings. When I am tempted I refrain from saying anything at all) The truth has served me well in life even when I had to admit that I was wrong in doing something.

4. I will volunteer time for causes to help others. (This will be more difficult for me, I will have to find a venue that helps me remain anonymous)

5. I resolve to travel more, to see new places, and revisit some old places.

6. I resolve to find value in all people, no matter what there station is in life. And try to learn from what they have to offer even if I do not agree with their ideas.

7. I resolve to help others find the value in giving, which is more rewarding than the receiving.

8. I resolve to know that there are things that I cannot understand about people. I do not understand the reason of some actions, and realize that people form their thoughts different than I do.

9. I resolve to notice things that skip my attention at times. The small details that make up the whole. I will look beyond some of the ugliness I see, and focus on the beauty that surrounds in nature.

10. I plan to be kinder to myself. To invent the better pizza, I make for myself. To indulge myself with pleasures that I have previously denied myself. And to share what I find enjoyable with others.

The hardest resolution I made was in the introduction. To break the force of habit of writing 2005, change can be hard, no matter what your resolution.


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Melissa said...

These are fabulous resolutions, Bob. They are an inspiration to us all.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger D L Ennis said...

Great Bob!


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