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Monday, October 24, 2005

Ben Fawley:Filling in the Blanks

.....Burn baby burn.....we is gonna burn the sucker to the ground ya dirty booger eater !
By Ben Fawley

On the night of September 5th at approximately 10:20 pm., Taylor Behl left her dorm room, and all indications were that she would be back in several hours.

This unfortunately did not happen. At some point after she left her dorm she did meet up with the Skulz man, Ben Fawley. She had met him previously in April, and if it was because of curiosity or a chance meeting, or perhaps to get something from Ben Fawley, she did meet up with him. And sometime between 10:20 pm and around 4pm the next day Taylor Behl met her fate at the hands of Fawley, in an encounter that in its very least did result in her death by misadventure, and at the most as premeditated brutal murder.

After the fact, Ben Fawley had the corpse of Taylor Behl on his hands. He had to decide how he was going to dispose of the body, and cover his actions and his whereabouts.

At about 4pm on September 6th, he went to the police and filed a police report, he said he was abducted, roughed up, his camera and wallet stolen (except for a lone bankcard). And the story went on, he couldn't identify his assailants, because they put a plastic trash bag over his head. And he was left on a dirt road that he did not know where he was. An unknown Hispanic individual gave him a ride, and he later revised his story, saying he bought gas for the man.

When concerns for Taylor Behl's whereabouts developed. Ben Fawley, who knew that Taylor Behl was dead, helped in the effort to post missing posters. There was one comment that I have read in the past, that he maligned Behl Taylor in the press, saying basically she is not the person everyone thought she was.

These are the facts, and to have a clear understanding of the time-line of events in the case, The Daily Press has written a very in depth article.

Fawley had been in trouble with the law, many times before. He has stolen cars and assaulted women. And as the the Riehl World View points out, he had broken into his estranged friend Erin Crabill's apartment with a hammer and a can of mace in his hand. This situation was def fused when he was discovered by Erin's roommate, but we can only imagine what might of happened if she was alone. The point is Fawley, may have much more sinister intentions.

My intention now is to show you, something that I have recognized in Fawley's posts. Most of the posts are not available because they are being closed down due to the police investigation. But, I want to take you back to a fire that happened in Richmond that was particularly horrendous.

I will not imply that Ben Fawley started this fire. Nor, do I want you to assume that he had anything to do with it all. But oddly. and this may be circumstantial, Ben Fawley had taken before and after pictures, and had comments on how how this fire had started. In his list of interests in one of websites he listed arson, that could be an odd coincidence too. Here is some of what he wrote about the fire:

:: Above was taken on Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia. This was photo # 71 I shot. I was first on scene with a camera. The fire Truck above was also first on scene and this explosion pictured here ended up with the below Photo. ::

The fire was started by a worker tossing a cigarette into the dumpster. The dumpster was in violation of the city code in that it was too close to the building. The trash shoot was also not up to code, the fire shot up the trash shoot into the building where the welding tanks were. The welding tanks were also not in a storage that was up to code.

:: Photo # 215 is nice. The ground was smoking after the ball of flames rolled across the street setting the fire truck, cars, trees, the building across the street and more on fire. This fire started with the building on the left and ended up setting over 21 other building on fire over 5 city blocks to reach I95 & crossed I95 to set fire to a shed. My apartment was in the fire zone, but didn't burn. One women did die, the news media didn't note the death, she was just some poor lady with medical problems. The fire didn't kill her, the city shut our electric off at 1pm that day and left it off till 5pm the next day. That was what killed the lady, she was on some sort of life support that needed power. All the news noted about this fire was the loss to the college. ::

:: How to kill over 21 buildings in a day? Build a wood framed building in a city that doesn't know what it is doing. ::

:: The above building will be student housing & store fronts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. on Broad Street. It is a wood frame building, just like other large student housing in the area. College students with a kitchen, it won't be long till the next fire. ::

From these entries from Ben Fawley, you can see and almost feel his thoughts about the fire. Implied between the lines is almost a sense, of his enjoyment. You do have to look hard to fetter that out. But what I find interesting his avid attempt to explain how the fire started, and his prediction of more fires to come. Now, lets consider a slight change in his description, and if you for one moment, you consider that a worker was not the one who threw that cigarette butt in the bin. Could you fill in the blank who that person might be?

Now I would like to fast forward you to his entry in his live journal that he wrote after Taylor Behl disappeared. Here is his entry:

:: A year ago friends of an ex-girlfriend came into my apartment and attacked me. One left stabbed with his own knife. Now I got jumped, I am almost sure it was friends of the girl I was having problems with 4 months back. (1) She has people saying I am doing stuff to her when I haven't done a thing. Yet she is placing ads online in my name. She posted messages to my guest book that were far from nice, and more. Now while I( was out taking photos I think she had me jumped. I was out very early, not sure of the time but the sun hadn't been up long. I was heading up to Monument to take photos when 3 to 4 guys jumped me. They got a trash bag over my head before I could see them. Tossed me into a car and dumped me out on some dirt road. I wasn't hurt much, just from where that sat on me. As they never said a word I am sure this was not just a robbery.(2) My one camera and tripod is missing along with the $20.00 I had tucked in the camera. I didn't have my wallet, but I did have my bank card and that wasn't taken. I am sure it was someone who was looking to get a message across. The only person who is giving me trouble is Erin & friends, so I am sure this is another gift from her.(3) So add this to the tally of (profanity removed) she pulled, the worse was getting my web site pulled down. She used VegPorn to kill my site. If I had the money I can sue, but I don't have the cash to pay the lawyer's retainer. So she killed the web page, destroyed a bed I made, posted some ads and stuff that sure didn’t help, and now had me jumped. (4)Gee what a nice girl. I would just leave town, but the day before I was to head to Philly she made sure I couldn’t go. Friday thanks to her I now face more problems keeping me here in this suck-ass town. I have a way out of town.(5) Why must this psycho keep harassing me, why can’t she just let me alone so I can go back to my kids? ::

Now as you can see I have emboldened some of the text with numbers. I am going to make some observations and fill in some thoughts. Much like you would fill in the blanks. Keep in mind this is speculation, but Ben Fawley has a way of telegraphing what he means in the lies that he makes. Each comment will refer to the number above in an attempt to deconstruct this alibi that has been proved false.

(1) He actually broke into Erin's apartment with a hammer and mace in his hands, when he found her not alone, his intentions may have changed.

(2) Could this be the real events that happened to Taylor Behl? Could he have abducted her? Her body was found off a dirt road but although he wasn't hurt much in this tale, Taylor Behl was found dead.

(3) Taylor Behl's body was found in Diggs Virginia not far from Erin's parent's home. In Ben Fawley's sick mind could this be a gift to Erin, the body of Taylor Behl?

(4) Ben Fawley finds he has little recourse against Erin for things she has supposedly done to him. Could delivering Taylor Behl's body near her parent's doorstep be a sick twisted way of his for getting mental satisfaction. And, I also noticed he said "she killed his web site," how easily he chose this phrase after he had already killed Taylor Behl.

(5) Ben Fawley had changed his appearance, right before the time of his arrest. Did he really think he could get out of town and avoid the police?

Now, in my deconstruction of Fawley's alibi, you should realize that this is pure speculation on my part. But if you were good at filling in the blanks, would you not start to draw the same inferences.

To read all our post on Taylor Behl go here.


At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya, found the site through a GIS for my name. In the interest of the truth, there are a few things I'd like to say. Ben broke into the apartment to "talk to" Jon, not to do anything to me. Had he wanted to hurt me he could have easily gone to my room instead of Jon's room. Ben moved me into that house, he knew where I slept. It's possible that he was convinced I was sleeping with Jon and went to Jon's room to "bust" me but was disappointed. I believe that Justicemag has Jon's interview about that.

Lastly, I broke up with Ben because he broke into my house, not before. He'd been getting weirder steadily, but things just went off the deep end that night. I really cared about him and I had hoped that the relationship would work, despite all the weird stuff he'd do but breaking into my house was the last straw.

At 6:08 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you Erin for your comment. There is no doubt that you did care for Ben. And I am sure that you concern for him did not stop, even when he was accusing you of many things on the internet.

From what I read you appear to be a very tolerant person, but I am sure that Ben breaking into your apartment must have sent warning signs that Ben could be capable of much more.

Breaking into someones place with mace and a hammer in hand, I find worry some. I read the Justice magazine interview with Jon. And thank you for directing me there.

I am sure Erin, that we may never know what his intentions were when he broke in your apartment.

What would have happened if he did "bust" you with Jon? I know that possibility may have only existed in his mind, but what was he prepared to do, and what may he have done in the future?

Thank you again Erin for your comment.

To my readers: I have verified that this comment is 90 percent certain from Erin Crabil. I have always considered Erin as a victim of Ben Fawley. Erin is by nature a strong independent person in many ways. She alone may understand Ben Fawley more than any other person.

And it is regrettable that a person that may have been Ben Fawley's closest friend was assaulted so viciously by him.

Thanks again for the comment Erin.


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