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Friday, September 02, 2005

Rustburg Presbyterian Church Hurricane Collection

A friend of mine emailed me today with a specific collection that will be taking place tomorrow and heading to Missississippi. The information is below.

There will be a collection of donations at Rustburg PresbyterianChurch tomorrow morning between 10 am and 12 noon. We are workingthrough a presbytery in Oxford MS, and they have requested babyformula, diapers, water, sports drinks- please no clothing-typeitems yet. My husband is driving a truck and hauling a 24-foottrailer which we hope to have filled from our area, and they will pull out at noon.

I know Rustburg is not accessible to everyone- but if you are able you will know that your donation is going there as fast as can bedone. Directions to Rustburg Presbyterian: 501 South from Lynchburg take a right at the light in Rustburg; church is on your left, just after courthouses, and across from Methodist church. If you are in the area, and can spread the word to various groups and churches, we would appreciate it!


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