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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita, Katrina, and Lynchburg Freecycle

Letter to a co-member of Lynchburg Virginia Blog

Hi Melissa:

I was out filling up both my cars with gas, topping them off. The only thing that is going to hold back price increases is the price gouging reports the state is now taking, but give them a reason and retail prices will surge.

All the oil refineries that they have gotten back online are again in jeopardy, as well as the pipelines. Off shore oil rigs are in danger too. I am not sure what Rita will bring but if it comes close to any city we can expect another Katrinia experience. The good thing is that people are moving out of the way, and we are already in disaster mobilization mode. Assets are in place. And you can't help to appreciate that maybe warehouses may still be full in the area from aid from Katrinia.

Also, international help, maybe closer in place to aid in our assistance. I also wonder what the hurricane will bring to Okalahoma. A tornado prone state. Rita could set off various twisters in that region.

Its great to hear the stories of how Freecycle has responded. Now with over 800 members, not only have they shown help for our fellow man in our area. They really came through with aid for Katrinina survivors. Thanks to your suggestions and directions of where to send goods, from eye glasses, to animal food, Freecycle has made a positive impact on the lives of others.

Floyd, has done some important work in helping displaced people in our area to receive needed items. And, it didn't stop there we had one ham operator, Larry that went to Mississippi, who is still down there helping. And many Freecycle members gave, as much as they could and more.
It was great that you received a thank you letter from God's Pit Crew, and those that promoted them.

Thank you Melissa, for leading the Lynchburg Freecycle Group, the Katrinia fund raising group, and Lynchburg Virginia blog on path of helping others with Katrinia.

Before Katrinia even made landfall you were so active in the plans to mobilize Freecycle. You should be commended for this.

Now, a new challenge faces us, Rita. And as I know you are directing, the effort to how the Lynchburg Freecycle group will respond. And thank you for sending me a copies of the letters you have received of which this is just an example:

hi Melissa,

i gave to the red cross, salvation army, gleaning for the world and the humane society (couldn't leave the animals out.)

i also collected some money from some family and friends and put some with it and shopped with my 10 year old grandson for about 300.00 in toys for the children.. these and other toys were taken down by truck from the AAAA Self Storage on 221.

then i gave some more things to a church group that was going to mississippi.

and i still feel like i haven't done enough..... i am a nurse and am on medical leave awaiting knee surgeries and i would have loved to have been able to go and help those poor people.
thanks for keeping the list (Lynchburg Freecycle 800 members) informed,

Carolyn Roach

With my deep appreciation to Lynchburg Freecycle, its members, and you Melissa,



At 5:13 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...


You are giving me way too much credit. At Lynchburg Freecycle, we are glad to do what we can to help.

There are so many ways out there for people to help in times of need and different people have different abilities. We just wanted to get as many possibilities out there as possible for the public to peruse to see what best fit them.

Thanks to you for your contributions to our Katrina Relief efforts. And many thanks to all the people at Freecycle and beyond who responded to help their fellow man. This time it was them, next time it could be us.


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