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Monday, September 19, 2005

No Easy Answers

I have been following the stories about abandoned pets in New Orleans since Katrina hurtled through. It is heartbreaking for the owners to have to leave pets behind when they are rescued. It is heartbreaking for everyone to see these pets wandering the streets. And it is heartbreaking for the people trying to rescue the pets left behind since it seems for everyone found, there are two that aren't rescued.

Time is running out for these pets and there are no easy answers. Obviously when the push was to get the people out, there wasn't room for all the pets. And even now with so much to be done, how much money and manpower can be spent seeking out these abandoned friends. I am grateful so many volunteers have gone in to try and find these pets. I would be interested in others ideas about how we can handle this situation better for future events.


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