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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lynchburg News and Advance: Brings Out Gang Connection in Scott and Napier Cases

The Lynchburg News and Advance is reporting:

"Scott told police that Hubbard had flashed a gun at them earlier that day. Napier told police the same story, adding that he found it disrespectful that Hubbard had flashed rival gang signs at him and was on his gang’s turf."

"Police believe the shooting was retaliatory gang behavior because Hubbard’s brother, Shawn, and Chase Irvine shot Napier eight times on Dec. 22, 2003. They were both convicted in July 2004 and sentenced to eight and 21 years in prison respectively."

"Napier, a self-described lieutenant in the 12th Street Crips gang, pleaded guilty in March to the same eight felonies and was sentenced in May to 23 years in prison."

To read more go to The Lynchburg News and Advance


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