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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lynchburg Virginia Blog: Reaches Around the World

Each of the little dots you see on this world map is where the last 100 vistors came from to visit our local Lynchburg Virginia blog.

We find it quite amazing that our little local blog would have such world wide appeal.

Technorati the premier blog directory monitors 15.8 million blogs and the number grows by a blog a second. Out of that universe of all blogs monitored, we rank 377,209 according to Technorati's rating standards.

In the last week we moved up by 100,000 closer to the top.

Because our blog is local and directed to a Lynchburg area audience, we never expected such a high ranking. Our local readership accounts for near 85% of all our visits.

We want to thank all who visit and contribute here, in making Lynchburg Virginia Blog more useful to the residents of the Lynchburg area.


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