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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Larry, John, and Tina: A Triangle of Violence

A very telling story came out of the Roanoke Times yesterday:

When Larry Ferguson left Lynchburg, Sunday morning, he was headed to Forest to take his children to Church. Larry Ferguson tried to reconcile with his wife, he ended up beating Tina, with brass knuckles. He left her in a pool of blood unconscious on the floor.

Larry piled his children in the car, and took them to Church. While we can't get in Larry's head, to measure how his emotions moved him past reasonable thought. Larry was driven to do more.

As soon as Larry arrived at the house of John Preston Purvis, a friend of his wife, he had a gun in his hand. The door opened and he shot John in chest. John fought with him, he did get Larry's gun and Larry went to his car, he had another gun. The gun battle was on. Both John and Larry most likely shot each other.

Larry headed for the mountains. Most likely wounded, he ended up at a trail near the Peaks of Otter. There he took his 38 revolver, placed it to his head and shot himself dead.

The story of Larry, John and Tina is not a new story. It has happened before, many times. Deep inside we know those feelings, most of us can allow our reason to overcome our emotions. But sometimes, when things go bad for people, things happen. And when the rollercoaster of emotions take over sane thought, there is no thrill of the ride. Larry ended up dead.

Tina beaten badly, will recover from her physical wounds, but the deep emotional scaring will never heal. John, hopefully will recover from his wounds, but the haunting of the events will never leave him. And, the children, what about the children? There lives have been changed forever by one black Sunday in their lives. A change no child should have to suffer.


At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting read. It gave me an opportunity to look at things from an angle I had not yet considered. However, I would just like to say, perhaps others should look at it from the other side of the angle. While I certainly do not condone or excuse the horrible actions of Larry, I knew him, and found his actions on this day completely out of character. People who knew him, knew him as a kind, bubbly, caring person. When I heard about this whole thing, to me, it was almost incomprehensible. If we look at things from Larry's side, John was not just a friend of Tina's, and it was a relationship that had being going on a long time. Also, Tina had just told Larry he did not need to be involved with his kids anymore; which believe it, or not, were his whole world. I do appreciate your thoughts. The were excellent. I just wanted to share mine, as well.

At 8:43 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you for your thoughts and comments. As a person who knew Larry, you offer some very good insights. I have always found it remarkable how someone can just snap, and do things that is so much out of their character. I have seen that happen several times in my life to people around me.

What you point out, seems to be the straw, that pushed Larry over the edge. On the outside, Larry was coping, but when Tina told Larry:

"Tina had just told Larry he did not need to be involved with his kids anymore; which believe it, or not, were his whole world."

That thought, from your observation, was one Larry could just not handle, and he struck out.

People do have breaking points. Ones that separate them from the conventions that they accept, and push them to acts, that they do not even accept or understand.

This whole affair was very sad to me. No one came out well from this. And in the end Larry did realize this.

Thank you again for your comments.


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