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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Region 2000 Technology Council Celebrates Region's 50th Location for Free Wireless Internet Access

From LYNCHBURG, Va., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/

"LYNCHBURG, Va., Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Region 2000 Technology Council will hold a wire-cutting event at the Riverfront Festival Park (JeffersonStreet) August 31 at 11:00AM to celebrate the 50th location of free wireless Internet access to the citizens of Region 2000 through the group's Broadband Hot Spot program."

"Members of the Technology Council and Hot Spot owners from around the region will be present to demonstrate the technology and answer questions. Local VIP's have been invited to attend the event. The public is welcome to attend."

"Jonathan Whitt, Executive Director of the Region 2000 Technology Council states, "This is an exciting program, we are pleased to now have fifty locations within the region where the public has access to free wireless Internet service. Downtown areas, libraries, business districts, our college campuses, anywhere the public congregates are all logical locations for hotspot wireless Internet service and most of those areas now have service..."

To read more go to the PRN newswire.


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