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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Recycling Is Great: But How About Freecycling?

Update Lynchburg Freecycle has 20 more members after this posting earlier today

In a movement that has slipped under the radar of the local presses, 541 residents in the Lynchburg area (at last count) are changing the concept of recycling to freecycling. And they are looking for you to join next.

So what the heck is freecycling? And why do 541 members in the Lynchburg area embrace the idea? And why is this group growing at leaps and bounds?

It started in Arizona, when a group got together concerned about landfill space. Sound familiar, Lynchburg has the same problem. This group concluded that people are throwing away things that other people could use. So, instead of filling up the landfill space with these things, why not find a way to get them to the people who need them. Then a very simple and a very easy plan was put in action that is even easier than hauling things to the curb. Start a group on Yahoo and follow a very simple format of posts, and email messages to let people know what someone wants to give, or what someone wants, and what is currently taken.

On a one day read of the posts, we saw cars, outdoor swing sets, printers and a host of other items free for the pickup. And the giving and taking occurs at a fast pace. One thing we didn't see was spam in these posts. Spam is something you see in a lot of yahoo groups, but in this one they control it with a passion. One important thing to do is read their rules and follow their email instructions on how to put their emails in a separate folder.

Want to find out more go to Lynchburg Freecycle for the local group and if you want to see the national group go to

(Lynchburg Freecycle) (Local news)


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