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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Record 100 Degree Heat Expected in Lynchburg

There are several things to do to prepare for the heat:

Drink plenty of fluids, stay inside in air conditioning if possible. Do not drink alcohol it actually dehydrates you.
Only drive if necessary.
If you have to work outside, do it in the early morning.
Be sure your pets are well watered, and have shade, or bring them inside.
Call on your older friends, make sure they are OK.
Turn off lights and appliances that generate heat.
Reduce your physical activity.
Watch for signs of heat stroke, such as redness, failure to sweat, dizziness.
Do not leave children or animals in cars.

If you have an extra fan that you are not using, consider giving it Central Virginia Area for the Aging, they are taking fans to people.

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