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Friday, July 08, 2005

Drugs, Gangs, and Violence: What is the City's Plan?

You just have to wonder some. Lynchburg has great plans in the redevelopment of downtown and mid town. They have the building inspectors attacking the quality of rental property. And they are determined to underscore the historical significance of the area.

But a blight on our city is getting little attention. The blight of drugs, gangs and violence. You can dress up the city but can you come out your doors at night? You can paint your houses, but can you remove the drug houses across the street?

There are new sewer rats in the city and the city needs a plan of eradication. Gangs are becoming more and more visible. We can try to ignore it, maybe it will go away. But this blight grows when unattended.

You can dress up downtown, but as you do, we are watching the graffiti grow. You can try to provide a superior education in our schools, but the gangs are infiltrating there, trying to undo what good is being taught.

What is the plan to combat this growing problem? We would expect a plan with both positive and negative consequences. One that shows our youth the way to achievement, and another that shows with punitive results, the resolve our community has to remove this infestation.

Now, we are wondering what is Lynchburg's plan? Is there a plan as thought out as our city planning? I'm asking anyone out there what is the plan?

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