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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Update: James Ware: And his Single Man Protest

This is a single protestor at the White House. James Ware may have something in common with this man. On a trip several years ago. It was really about a week after 9/11. I just couldn't help my instinct to click his picture. Now, I understand why. Maybe, I got the message telepathically. There was going to be a story that was going to unfold about another single proster James Ware. And I was going to beat the presses in bringing you that story. Yes, The News and Advance was right on my heals, but that story came to you first right here. Posted by Hello

The News and Advance printed a story today that debunks the claims of James Ware. According to The News and Advance the police are confident that his claims are without value. Thanks to in the car video there was no police abuse the police reported to The News and Advance. Maybe we will see it on one of TV shows that follows the police someday. Doubt Mr. Ware would like that. The police also stated that they respect his right to protest if he thinks he was wronged.

When I interviewed James Ware, I reported that he made a vague reference to drugs. Although, he was not charged with any drug offences. I stand by that statement. His reference was to something in the past and the police had a vendetta against him.

Maybe James Ware should visit D.C. I know of another lonely protestor that might could use some company. I am sure the other protestor knows.

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