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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things Have Been Quiet

Hi all, just wanted to pop in and let you know that as far as I know we are all alive and well. Life has just been very full lately.

Daniel and I went on vacation with the kids to Myrtle Beach the week before Memorial Day. We had an awesome time. And found a place we will return to in the future (Kingston Plantation) and a great seafood restaurant (Crabby Mike's). This was our family Christmas present and we have been looking forward to it for months! And we will remember it for years to come!

I have been busy with life and homeschooling. We are on a year around schedule starting this year, so we are still spending some time every day hitting the books. I am not a summer person in a lot of ways so I prefer to have days off in the spring and fall and sit in the air conditioned house during the hot and humid days! Plus, summer breaks are a throwback to our agricultural roots and I am pretty sure that my 4 tomato plants and 3 pepper plants don't require my kids to be at home working the farm:)

Daniel has been busy working up a business plan to enter in a contest looking for financial backers for batBack. He has worked so hard on this project and it would be great to see him get some recognition for it. If you don't know what batBack is, check out the website!

We had not heard from Bob in a couple of weeks and since he is the Main Guy around here, we were concerned. Finally over the weekend, we caught up with him. He has been ill, but thinks he is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with that. We hope he will be back writing soon.

I hope all of our readers are doing well and that you have some terrific plans for the summer months that include reading a good book, sticking your feet into a cool stream and just slowing down a bit!


At 12:17 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Hi Melissa -- new to Lynchburg Va here and am interested in the scene as far as enriching kids activities...Got any tips? -- Carol... you can find my blog at " adayandarun"


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