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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rainbow Marks Remembrance of Cyclist

The Roanoke Times is reporting:

According to the Virginia State Police, there were nine cyclists killed and 834
injured in crashes with motor vehicles in 2004, the latest year for which online
statistics are available.

Most recently in Roanoke, a man was killed after a car struck his bicycle Dec. 23. He died a few days later.

Yesterday marked a day when cyclists rode for those that have died on the roads. Jim Palmieri was one of the riders who rode out of Roanoke. His wife had died three years ago in a cycling accident. The next day, according to him a rainbow appeared.

Interestingly, another rainbow appeared during the ride yesterday.

We should all use caution when we see cyclist on the road giving them a large berth when we pass. We should also be aware that often they are harder to see. And during the spring, summer, and fall you will see more people on bikes.

On the Blue Ridge Parkway you often see cyclists and you should be extremely cautious when rounding corners.

Photos are from me, the rainbow was seen from Old Forest Road.


At 4:06 PM, Anonymous "Conservative" said...

I just wanted to say it's amazing more are not killed than that. All too often people on bikes ride way to far out in the road almost begging to be hit. Do they never think a drunk driver might be coming up behind them? I see this from even "experienced" cyclists I know.

Then, drivers do not understand it is the law that bikes have as much right to the road as they do. Plus we have drivers today that won't slow down for a bicyclist and fly by right next to them--even if the cyclist is a child.

Yes, I ride too if anyone wants to know. It is a shame Lynchburg is not very bike friendly and there are no bicycle lanes anywhere. There was or is federal money available, but too often it is used improperly rather than for alternate transportation it was intended for.

With gas prices going up, it could be a viable option for many. Old Forest Road has to be one of the worst and there are too many roads like these in the city and surrounding area.



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