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Sunday, May 14, 2006

John McCain: Address to Liberty University

Here is a link to most of the address of John McCain to Liberty University. If you are interested in reading his words, other than brief news summaries this is the place to go.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Larry Bassett said...

Thanks for putting me on the route to the primary source for McCain's speech. The link you provided did cut off the end of the speech but the web site above has the complete speech including a very personal recollection from McCain. There is much to discuss in McCain's words. For example, what is this feared "real enemy" from whom we are defending ourselves?

In that speech he says,"Let us exercise our responsibilities as free people. But let us remember, we are not enemies. We are compatriots defending ourselves from a real enemy. We have nothing to fear from each other. We are arguing over the means to better secure our freedom, promote the general welfare and defend our ideals. It should remain an argument among friends; each of us struggling to hear our conscience, and heed its demands; each of us, despite our differences, united in our great cause, and respectful of the goodness in each other. I have not always heeded this injunction myself, and I regret it very much."


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