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Monday, March 27, 2006

Rising Tides: From Immigration to Icebergs

In the forefront in the news is the massive demonstration held in Los Angeles, nearly a half of million illegal immigrants have taken to the street. The similarity to a river going down road is not lost to the imagination.

The scale that LA acts as a funnel for illegal immigrants can be easily visualized when looking at this picture.

What is the tipping point?

When will the tide of immigrants reach the saturation point? Are we headed to a time when Spanish will be our National language? Imagine going in a supermarket and its hard to find the English section? Will the tide rise to a point of ultimate inundation? Will those that are born in America find a reversal of roles, will we be the new guest workers?

Then, there is the case of global warming. Scientists think we have reached the tipping point. Just like it just takes one degree more for water to boil, the polar ice cap has reached its tipping point according to scientists.

What was thought to be a cascading event that would climax at the end of century has suddenly smacked us in the face today. Time magazine is pointing out a reversal of thought that is coursing through both sides of the debate. And, the impact of nature is becoming a given, both by liberals and conservatives.

It is here upon us.

Now we have to deal with mega storms, rising tides, and perhaps the spread of viruses and diseases. Have we just seen the tip of the icebergs, and nine tenths of what is not seen will be upon us shortly? Are we prepared for what is going to happen next? Or can we prepare at all?

When will we reach the tipping point will both these issues knock down our house of cards?

Picture from Michelle Makin

A short list of those writing on the demonstrations:
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