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Saturday, March 25, 2006

If Only I Had More Time: Now the 36 Hour Day Will Help

Often I hear from friends, I just don't have the time to do what I enjoy. Or I just do not have time to do that, or time to read, or time for anything.

Welcome to the 36 hour day, now perhaps you can fit those things neatly in your schedule.

Of course this is an impossibility right, a 36 hour day, or is it?

Not so according to ZAADZ:

"Not possible? I disagree. While we can never have more than 24 hours of chronological time I think it's very possible to have many more hours of functional time. In fact, I think it's probably possible to get up to 36 hours of functional time in your day if you do a few relatively simple things. So without further ado, here is my prescription for the 36 hour day."

Then, he goes on to tell you about some simple steps you can do to increase the time in your day. Simple things like setting your alarm clock at the same time each morning, eating a healthy diet and more. Even very simple things like reducing your key strokes on a computer.

And from all these simple common sense ideas, comes a tapestry that will make you one lean accomplishing person. How to read a book while you clean your house is just one simple example.

To learn more go to Jon's website. Even if you just think one of his ideas is worthwhile perhaps you can add a couple of hours to your day. And use that extra time to enjoy life's little reward of free time.


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