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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Many Still Without Power In the Lynchburg Area

American Electric and Power is reporting that 2,000 people are still without power in Lynchburg Virginia. In the surrounding areas over 6,000 are without power. This is part of what they are reporting today:

"AppalachianĀ“s local resources are being supported with additional Appalachian crews and staff from locations including Huntington, W.Va., and Kingsport, Tn. In addition, extra contract crews and tree crews were sent into the harder hit areas. Nearly 800 company and contract personnel are working on the restoration effort.Within the first 24 hours after the storm, Appalachian had restored service to approximately 30,000 customers of the 38,000 who lost power Thursday night. Most customers should have electric service restored by midnight Saturday, however, many outages affecting smaller numbers of customers will likely extend into Sunday."


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