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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lynchburg Link Directory: New

We are adding a new feature to our blog, a link directory. This directory is just in the beginning phase. We have hundreds of links that we will be adding. And when we find links that we may think will interest you, we will add them.

If you have a suggestion for a link we will definitely consider it. You can leave it in the comments here, or on the new link page.

As with all the pages of Lynchburg Virginia we will remain non-commercial. We will avoid linking to sites that are purely commercial in nature. We will weigh the content of each site on the basis if it is useful to you.

Bear with us as we work on this site. Much of the it will be of local interest, but we will include things that we think are just plain neat or useful to everyone.

One category that we will be developing is a Virginia blog directory, that is still in the planning stage.

I wish all our friends and readers of Lynchburg Virginia, Happy Thanksgiving.


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