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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Taylor Behl and Julie Popovich is there a Connection?

Here you see two pictures of two young college students that were later found dead, abandoned in similar circumstances. There bodies were found near a month apart, in different parts of the country. Ben Fawley had a connection to both cities, Columbus Ohio and Richmond Virginia.

Ben Fawley who has not been formally charged in the death of Taylor Behl, has made a statement that she has died as the result of "rough sex." It is yet to be determined how Julie Popovich died. She was last seen leaving a bar with a strange man.

Now, could have Ben Fawley been in Columbus Ohio at the time of Julie Popovich's disappearance and death? It could be entirely possible. What we do know is that weeks durring the month of August, Ben Fawley made no entries that we know about in his live journal or other sites. They also could have been deleted by him. But where Ben Fawley was in the month of August is sketchy at best. And he did have a connection to Columbus, he used to live there. And as in Richmond, he would know where the college students went, because as a predator of young women, that's just what he did. He staked out colleges, to find young and innocent women.

In the beginning of August he went on a rant against his exfriend Erin Crabill. This rant was so intense that he used at least three web sites to attack her. And two of those web sites were just about Erin. How this translates to his actions against Taylor and possibly Popovich is unclear. There is a psychological concept called transference, which basically means that he could have transferred his hate to another. And Ben Fawley, had a compulsion about death, and murder, and shallow graves that litters his writing, his photography, and what he considered art.

Here is what he wrote under his high school year book picture:

"S.C.U.M., Member of the Commando Bunnies of Death. It’s enough to make you wonder sometimes if you’re on the right planet. New day rising."

Thoughts of death pervaded his life from a young age and continued to he was 34. We noticed in Ben Fawley's live Journal, another reference on wondering if he was on the right planet. Ben, here's a personal message, we wish you were on another planet.

We can't help to notice that Julie Popovich and Taylor Behl look so similar. Could they have met their death from the same hands?

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At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again what can I say! Great entry, I read the first one you made about this connection. Those photos look almost as close as the Fawley/Depp comparison.

Steve NVFC

At 11:01 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you Steve for the comment. You are too kind. The similarity just amazed me. There are so many coincidences with Fawley that I am hoping that this will not be overlooked by the Richmond Police, and for that matter the police in Columbus.

They would have a better view if this is a possibility, and I hope they look closely.

At 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just started reading this sad story and my personal opinion is that that sick bastard did kill Taylor for his own amusement and to fulfill his sick twisted fetish that he called his hobby. As for the case of Julie Popovich there is just too much in common with the two unfortunate deaths of these young girls. I agree that the police should not overlook a connection in the two girl’s death. I only there were 12 of me on the jury.

Josh San Jose, Ca.


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