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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Do You Have the Key, to Wipe Out a Disease?

If I told you, that you could possibly hold the key to wipe a disease off the face of the earth. And then I told you, that you won't have to donate any money, and it won't cost you any of your time. Would you be interested? Or would you ask me what is the catch?

OK there is a catch, the catch is you have to let your computer work on a problem when you are not using it. We have all heard that we use only ten percent of our brain, but are we wasting computer resources, also. And would you like to put your computer to work on a research project, that could impact many lives? And, this research project is run by a major American University, have I peaked your interest?

The solution is easy for me, I am going to donate my computer's idle time. And I hope it is just that easy for you to make this decision.

Google Compute has come up with the idea to help you donate your computers idle time. This is what Google says about it:

"...When you enable Google Compute, your computer will download a small piece of a large research project and perform calculations on it that will then be included with the calculations performed by thousands of other computers doing the same thing. This process is known as distributed computing. "
The first beneficiary of this effort is, a non-profit academic research project at Stanford University that is trying to understand the structure of proteins so they can develop better treatments for a number of illnesses. In the future Google Compute may allow you to also donate your computing time to other carefully selected worthwhile endeavors, including projects to improve Google and its services. "

If you are opposed to going through Google as an intermediary, you can go right to, at Stanford University. They also provide a way to donate your computer's idle time.

Folding at home is developing an understanding of how proteins act in the human body, they do this through the development of nanotechnology, and they are asking for your computer's help.

This is a request I cannot personally refuse.

See a previous post on nanotechnology here.


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

Very interesting post, Bob. I am going to definitely check it out.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thanks, mom, how often do we let our coumputers run in idle when they could serve a useful function.


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