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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dilbert and Our Not So Daily Cartoon

I have been keeping this a secret from all, even our fellow contributors. Sometimes when you are working on a negotiation, you just want to be quiet about it.

If you haven't noticed we have offered a daily cartoon. The green alien can be found down the page on the right. The trouble is after promises from the cartoon's creator of changing it everyday, it just hasn't happened.

We are reviewing our free contract with him, and I have been working on a very hush hush plan to get Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, to join our blog. So we may be saying good bye to our Alien friend, he seems to be studying too hard about crop circles to do anything else.

I want to tell you the negotiations with Scott has been tough. He has stonewalled me on my offer of a Smithfield Ham, I think he is holding out for a Smith and Wesson. I have even thrown a dozen eggs on the bargaining table, some ended up cracked.

Scott Adams has confided with me, and I hate to tell you others, of his plight with the Newspaper censors. Did I say censors, yep I sure did. Seems like before they roll the presses on his cartoons they have to meet approval for content.

Now that brings us right back to the matter of the Smith Wesson, this may be a deal breaker for him. He has talked about his rounds with getting one of his cartoons published. It seems that the first one showed a cop firing bullets at a bad guy. I assured him it is fine with us if he wants to show that here. The less bad guys around Lynchburg the better.

The censors wouldn't have it, they didn't want a gun, or the bullets, or even a frame that just went Bam, bam, bam. He had to resort to drawing a cop with a donut in his hand. A shooting donut drawn from a holster. Take that you bad guys.

So what happened to the newspapers idea of unrestricted free press? Makes you think doesn't it.

If the cartoons are OK to censor what does that say for the rest of what you read in the papers?

How high mighty ideas have fallen, because of the syndicated press. Come to our blog Scott we won't censor you. The negotiations are continuing but we think Scott will come around.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger D L Ennis said...

I hope this works out Bob, I'm getting ready to pull the plug on the green guy.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger B O B said...

Lol when you do be wary of any slimy green fluid that may seep out through the plug.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger Melissa O. Markham said...

I love Dilbert. I will throw in an Andy's Light Teddy Bear if Scott Adams will join our Merry Band;)

At 10:52 PM, Blogger B O B said...

I keep offering but he is being mighty silent. But you know my philosophy shoot for the moon and you might hit the stars. Thanks all.


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