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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Virginia Executive Order: Number 97 State of Emergency

Governor Warner's executive order will have some deep felt effects and the scope is large.

Here are some of the elements of the order:

1. The National Guard when called up will have all the powers of Virginia State Police regardless of their location. There seems to be a provision on this a requirement, that the Governor through the State Police will have the power to appoint this duty.

2. There is an immediate relaxation of the transportation requirements for oversized and or overweight vehicles that will travel in Virginia with regards to the current disaster.

3. The Health Department can circumvent any paperwork for the quick distribution of medicine.

4. All types of gasoline can now be used for the fuel needs of Virginia. Gas stations with pumps that only go up to a certain value will be able to post a price that the price showing on the pump is doubled. The appropriate road tax rate applies even for gas designated as off road gas.

5. Costs incurred by any governmental agency can be done without contract and can be taken out of the Virginia General Budget.

This is not all the declarations of Order Number 97 State of Emergency.


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