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Monday, September 19, 2005

Galveston: Has Issued a Voluntary Evacuation

Starting tomorrow at 10 am, Galveston has buses arriving to help in a voluntary evacuation. We can't help to applaud Galveston in the foresight they may have learned from Katrinia. Rita is on a wobbly path and is forecast to make land fall from Texas to Louisiana. It is expected to become at least a level 3 hurricane.

Evacuations are all ready being made in the Florida Keys, and areas of southern Florida. It is expected the storm surge will cause major flooding.

There is much concern in New Orleans that even if they do not get the brunt of the Rita, that the weakened levees will not hold.


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Ken Martin said...

Texas has a very strong Disaster Plan, much like Virginia's. They utilize local and state government employees to do most of the pre-planning. Shelters have been pre-indentified and the locations published in advanced. In the event of a hurricane the shelters are further inland and on high ground. The building used are surveyed in advanced and can with stand certain rated storms.

If Rita develops into anything other than a tropical storm. No building is safe.

If you were told to evacuate and had no place to go or way to get there. Would know where to go or who contact for that information?

At 9:15 AM, Blogger B O B said...

Thank you Ken for your insightful comment. In Lynchburg our major concern has been an increase in the frequency of tornadoes. Last year a warning came across the radio, to evacuate all house trailers, etc. There was however, little information on where to go. Interestingly, many that do live in house trailers are just the people that may not have adequate transportation. As usual Ken your comments inspire thought.

I recently incorporated some of your past ideas into a post about google earth and crime data in Richmond. We appreciate your thoughts.


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