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Thursday, July 21, 2005

There Are Treasures in Lynchburg Area: Besides the Beale Treasure

This is not about the Beale treasure
or other rumors of treasure found on little known attractions of Lynchburg.

Yet if you search the net carefully you will find an unusual hobby of treasure hunting that occurs world wide, but has also descended on the Lynchburg area. Yes, Lynchburg there is treasure in them there hills.

Imagine for the moment, its Saturday morning you are itching for something to do that’s a little different. Maybe something that will take you off the beaten track. You have the urge to go on a quest that will lead you to parts unknown. And , the journey might be its own reward.

So you set out in your car with the family and kids, setting out on an adventure, that is sure to entertain, amuse, filled with the hope of discovery. You have your clues, maybe your picnic lunch, and can feel the growing excitement of your children.

What is this adventure? Its called letterboxing. Someone has placed in hiding a waterproof container with a little treasure for you to find. They have given you directions, and other clues. Maybe they have left a log bog for you to sign. And you might find other things., perhaps some self addressed postcards, a trinket or two, or a request to leave a trinket for the next finder.

Yes, Lynchburg , there are already some letterboxes
for you to find click here to get the clues.

In September, Lynchburg Virginia Blog will be placing at least three letterboxes,with clues, in the Lynchburg area. Come back for the clues.

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At 10:02 AM, Anonymous mama's princess said...

I miss you mama we all do I pray that we may see you again in heaven. may God bless your soul.


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